Lose Weight and Keep it Off

The world is facing a dilemma with the rapid increase in the prevalence of obesity. More than one in every three people around the world are overweight. Over 10% of the worldwide population are obese. It is hard to lose weight and people who are obese have a much higher chance of developing heart disease risk factors like hypertension. Carrying Excess fat in your body causes you to be at a higher risk of osteoarthritis, gallbladder disease, diabetes, that are dangerous for your health.

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Dieting As A Solution To Obesity

If you have excess fat in your body, you usually look for current diet trends. You would think that it will help you lose extra weight. While some diets offer you the ability to drop a few pounds, most diets do not end up being a good idea. You either don’t achieve any noticeable results, or you end up gaining back any weight they lost.

According to one report, more than half of adults in USA are always on some type of diet. Yet, the majority of these diets fail. As a matter of fact, it has been found that around 69% of all dieting efforts end up as failures.

Failing to Lose Weight

There are many reasons why these diets end up failing. A lot of people do not give themselves enough time they expect to lose their first 10 pounds in just a week or two. Fast weight loss can be dangerous, and not giving a diet time to work effectively causes people to quit and go back to their old habits. In fact, most diets fail because people keep on trying losing the weight fast.

Be Careful with Fad Diets

At the same time, it is also important to take note of the fact that diets from the internet and listed in the latest fitness magazine at the local supermarket are general eating plans. In addition, They have not been customized to a specific person, which means existing medical conditions that stands in a person’s way of weight loss are not taken into account.

Dr. Ali Achira’s Take On Weight Loss

Dr. Ali Achira is a highly experienced endocrinologist who understands that every person’s body is unique. He understands his patients’ medical history while trying to overcome barriers placed by obesity and excess weight.

Hormone Imbalance

Hormone imbalances are often found to be at the root of weight-related problems. For example, an under active Thyroid causes metabolism to slow down due to a reduction in Thyroid hormones within the patient’s body.

Lose Weight

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Dr. Ali Achira Dr. Ali Achira, MD is an endocrinologist in Dearborn and in Taylor, Michigan. He is currently licensed to practice medicine in Michigan. He is affiliated with DMC Harper University Hospital. He is board certified in Internal Medicine. Board certified in Endocrinology & Diabetes, and board certified in Obesity medicine. He manages Diabetes, Thyroid, osteoporosis, Obesity and other endocrinology disorders.