The benefits of cell therapy for type 1 diabetes outweigh risks

The benefits of cell therapy for type 1 diabetes outweigh risks are huge, Read below to discover more.

The investigational cell therapy donislecel demonstrated a favorable risk-benefit profile for certain patients with difficult-to-control type 1 diabetes.

There is nothing patients [with diabetes] like more than freedom from dealing with the entire insulin issue.

This therapy can help some patients and will be incredibly meaningful to those who receive it.

Donislecel (Lantidra, CellTrans) — an allogeneic pancreatic islet cellular therapy — has been shown to increase insulin independence and decrease the number of severe hypoglycemic events among patients with difficult-to-control type 1 diabetes, based on pooled results of two open-label studies.

The therapy comprises islet cells isolated from a single donor pancreas. The final cultured cell therapy product is transplanted through infusion in the hepatic portal vein via percutaneous or transvenous transhepatic access or — if these are not feasible —via laparoscopic or open surgical access.

The data on sustained insulin independence are compelling,

also The results meet the minimum 4-year insulin-independence benchmark for providing clinically impactful benefit that the panel had agreed to earlier.

Finally, The evidence suggests that many patients have benefited from this type of transplantation , even if the market size for this therapy might decline over time.

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