How Many Calories Should I Eat Every day ?

Dr. Ali Achira recommends a balanced diet using guidelines established by the Obesity Society and American Association of Clinical Endocrinologist (AACE), please see “CLINICAL PRACTICE GUIDELINES FOR HEALTHY EATING FOR THE PREVENTION AND TREATMENT OF METABOLIC AND ENDOCRINE DISEASES IN ADULTS” published in 2013

We recommend a high fiber and moderate fat diet with low sugar, starch, and white flour products. All patients taking prescription appetite suppressant medications are put on a 1200 to 1500 calorie diet per day. The medications make it easy to follow these diets because you won’t have to fight hunger while incorporating healthy eating into your lifestyle.

How Much Weight Can I Lose with Dr. Achira’s help ?

Over 99% of patients in our programs lose weight; however, weight loss percentage depends on several factors including hormonal, genetics, age, gender, exercise, and diet. The goal is to help our patients lose the extra weight in a healthy pattern, e.g Losing weight slowly but steadily. That translated in 1-2 Ib of weight loss pr week, however weight loss of two to five pounds a week is not unusual. More dramatic weight loss often leads to long term failure in keeping weight off.

What Should I do to Start Losing Weight ?

The first step always starts with behavioral lifestyle modifications including diet and exercise, however that is not that easy for many. First we need to rule out any underlying hormonal problem that might be the cause for weight gain. Thus as an Endocrinologist, Dr.Achira always checks the hormonal profile of his patients before starting any diet pill. The prescription medications offered by Dr. Achira make it much easier to follow healthy diet and exercise recommendations.