Insulin pumps

A diabetes patient requires daily insulin administration as a way to keep his/her blood sugar levels as stable as possible. Insulin injections are one way to introduce the daily insulin requirements, but they can be quite uncomfortable thinking that multiple insulin shots are needed on a daily level. Instead, insulin pumps are available as an alternative as well.

An insulin pump is a small electronic device that is attached to the body by a cannula that goes under the skin. The cannula is changed every two or three days, which is done by the patient. The site of the cannula is also changed every two or three days to prevent the formation of hard lumps that will stop the insulin from working properly. There are two types of insulin pumps available to choose from – a patch pump or a tethered pump. Both can be placed on the arms, legs, or on the abdomen.

Insulin pumps offer better control over your blood sugar levels and cause fewer lows and highs, especially when the patient is exercising. Patients also have greater flexibility in deciding what or when they will be eating. There is still the need to track the blood sugar levels on a daily level, of course. Statistics show that around 350,000 people in the United States are using insulin pumps to satisfy their daily insulin requirements. Around 30,000 of all diabetes patients who are using insulin pumps have been diagnosed with diabetes type 2.

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