Weight Loss

Dr. Achira helps his patients lose weight. Uncontrolled weight gain is what eventually leads to overweight and obesity. Obesity is one of the major health issues in the world. An estimated 650 million cases of obesity were reported worldwide in 2016. More than 1 in 3 adults in the United States alone are considered to be obese.

Our programs are medically supervised for our patients with Diabetes, but are also open to people who have pre-diabetes or don’t have Diabetes at all. Our goal is to educate, motivate and support you through your weight loss journey. Our weight loss strategies include the use of nutrition education, diet and exercise plans as well as FDA-approved weight loss medications if necessary.

Uncontrolled weight gain. Ali Achira Weight Loss Clinic

Weight gain can occur for a number of reasons which the most common them being a poor, unhealthy diet, and a sedentary lifestyle with a lack of physical activity. Of course the roots of weight gain, and with that obesity, can go deeper, revealing the interference of genetics, smoking, excessive alcohol use, use of certain medications, and the presence of certain underlying health issues. Hypothyroidism, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and osteoarthritis are the three most common health issues reported to cause weight gain and ultimately – obesity.

Weight Gain Can Be Prevented

Weight gain can be prevented, and obesity can be controlled and efficiently treated. By introducing a well-balanced, healthy diet, exercising on a daily basis, avoiding excessive smoking, drinking, and drug misuse, weight gain can be efficiently prevented. Any underlying condition should be diagnosed and treated in time, and weight gain might be the sign that will help doctors diagnose this underlying condition.

Avoiding Obesity

Since weight gain eventually leads to becoming overweight and obese, it is of vital importance for this problem to be taken care of. It is the multiple health risks that come with being overweight and obese that are making treatment and prevention a priority. An increased risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, infertility, arthritis, and high cholesterol levels are only some of the most common health risks due to weight gain and obesity.

Are You At Risk

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